Sherry's Rockapella Trip Report

Wednesday, May 3, 2000--The Troubadour

Angela was able to get in line at about 6:00 p.m. A lot of construction on Santa Monica Blvd. confused me as I searched for a parking space/valet driver. After finally finding a parking space, I finally got in line & met Angela's new acquaintances: Gordon Gregory & 2 other guys, whose names I failed to obtain. (Sorry, guys!) I also met Laura's friend, SanDee, who was about to watch her very 1st Rockapella concert! To entertain us in line, we were given free Folger's cups, which were really cool because of the no-spill top contraption, so everyone played with their new cool cups.

Some weird situation occurred with the whole will call line, which caused a delay in the opening of the door. What was all that about, anyway?

Ang spied her mom & friends & ran to give them their tickets. Meanwhile, the doors opened, so I went in & saved 4 seats in the 2nd row. I then thought that she had saved too many seats, & gave one away. Oops! In came Ang w/ 3 other people! I profusely apologized to the woman to whom I had given the seat, & even offered to buy her a drink, but it all worked out.

We met Hank, who was sitting in front of us. We remembered his wife as being the "Pretty Woman" at the Great American Music Hall on December 19, 1999.

We didn't have an opening act perform for us, so we had a nice, lengthy show.

Scott's "Long Cool Woman": "I've hurt my bottom. Ouch." Too cute. Elliott gave the story of what we've titled The Pella Police Rocka Rescue from last night (after Ontario Mills) on THE 10 freeway in El Monte, which he dubbed as a "Real L.A. Experience" -- a literal Hit and Run. Elliott then mentioned that someone at Ontario Mills requested "Don't Do It." AAAAAHHHH!!! That was me! He then proceeded to sing the entire 2nd verse & chorus directly to me, as I blew him a kiss and ovated him personally. :) Barry sang A LOT of "Sixty Minute Man" to Linda, someone in our group. Yay! "Pretty Woman" Maria got her groove going. Folger's gave a nice donation to a local music school in celebration of Folger's 150th Anniversary. The school's representative, Isela, said, "I'll take cash over the 'Pretty Woman" treatment any day." What, is she nuts???!!! Jeff's VP solo was amazingly long, which prompted a standing ovation from the crowd. Is this guy a demi-god, or what? In the beginning part of his solo, he stopped, and said, "Sshhh! Sshhh!," and motioned to his ear. I interpreted that as him telling the guys that he could hear them in his earpiece, as they were talking backstage. Kevin's eyeball ("Zombie Jamboree") was gooey & gross. It got stepped on & stuck to the bottom of his shoe, which made the scene even more disgusting. He later threw it to Laura, which she kept for a souvenir. They did a nice encore without mics: "Up On The Roof/What a Wonderful World (This Would Be)."

We waited afterward to see if they would do another set or sign stuff, but they had business upstairs, so no luck. I did find a really cool article about them in one of the free newspapers in the entryway: "Entertainment Week."

I drove Ang to her car & we waited until the scary guy at the bus stop left. Jeff walked by w/his friends; Scott, Elliott & Kevin drove away, & Barry looked around when he heard Ang's car alarm being disarmed.

We chowed down at our local Denny's & planned for Friday's trek up north.


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