Sherry's Rockapella Trip Report

Friday, May 5, 2000--Shasta Fairgrounds

I woke up bright & early, & picked up Ang. We stopped at her school, so that she could drop off something for work. We went to the Burbank Airport and parked in long-term parking.

In the airport, Ang realized that she had left her concert ticket at home, & secretly tried to find out how to obtain another one. I, however, overheard the word "ticket" and freaked out: I had forgotten mine, too! We decided that it probably wouldn't be very difficult to get additional tickets, but worried anyway.

Off we went, to the land of the Sacramento Kings, who were scheduled to play the Lakers in a do-or-die 5th game of their playoff series in L.A. at the Staples Arena. Ang, w/her Laker duffel bag, and me, w/ my Laker credit card--do you think we got looks? Well, I didn't get the Mustang that I wanted at the car rental, but maybe they really DID run out of that particular car. Hmmm....

The planets were aligned, & the world was supposed to come to an end. Oh, boy! What excitement! We decided that we'd either have a really disappointing day or a great one. After all, we were hoping that we could still get tickets, and hoping that our Lakers would win.

When we arrived at the Sacramento airport, Ang checked her voice mail, & she had a message stating that we could buy the tickets at the fairgrounds--Yay! We picked up our rental car--a red Toyota Solara, which drove really well, and then dropped off our stuff at the Red Roof Inn. At first, we thought we wouldn't be able to check in early, but the issue got straightened out

We went to the State Capitol & witnessed part of the Memorial Ceremony for California Peace officers. A woman sang "Amazing Grace" in a very high key, and it was nice. We walked around & looked inside the cathedral, which had beautiful stained glass windows above the altar.

We ate lunch at a Jack-In-The-Box, on the way up to Redding. A couple of guys came in, asking for "Cinco de Mayo Tacos," requesting red and green ones. Ok, whatever, dudes. Really bored w/ the not-that-exciting scenery, we went a little slap-happy. Sherry: "I'll take civilization for $100, Alex." "YOLO!" Angela: "Hay, Hay, Hay!" (done in a great impression of Fat Albert, when we passed some bales of, yes, hay).

We arrived in Redding at 3pm, & the gate to the fairgrounds was open. We went into the office & asked if we could buy tickets to the concert. YES! Ang bought our tickets, & we finally relaxed. We went into the restroom, where there was an adjoining diaper changing/nursing room. We thought about taking a nap in there, but decided to leave. We asked if we could look at the animals in the farm, where we saw a sheep, a calf, ducks, ducklings, chickens, & roosters. We then took pictures of the marquee, where Rockapella was listed above "Auto Racing." Quite a variety this place provides!

We went to the convenience store across the street & I bought Oreos for people that would be waiting in line with us. We sat on the grass for awhile until we saw Laura & Wendy drive up. Each of the 4 of us sat in front of one of the 4 gates so that we could all claim to be 1st in line. Awhile later, 3 people joined us in line--Jenna, Greta, & Trevor. I enjoyed talking to them (Hi, all!) & we all became quite friendly. Then Gordon showed up--yay! He made it!

When the gates FINALLY opened (I don't know what it is about the weird line situation and the timing of the gate/door openings this week!), people raced to get a good spot on the grass. Apparently, a lot of us had gotten in front of the event organizer's space, so we had to move back. Sorry about that, Donna. We claimed our little spot, and Laura sat with us, showing me the many contents of her Mary Poppins Carpet Bag. I swear, I thought that she would pull out a lamp! We spotted T-shirts being looked at, so we ran up and bought some.

As the stage was a kind of makeshift thing that appeared to be made out of a flatbed truck, we could see the guys' feet in back of the stage before the show started. I tried guessing to myself whose feet were whose, but I don't think I was right.

Anyway, they had a fantastic show, of course. Donna's nephew, Tristan, was celebrating his birthday, and was treated to a rendition of "Happy Birthday" from Rockapella. "Pretty Woman" Lindsay seemed more embarrassed than excited to be chosen. Ah, youth!

Afterward, I gave the remainder of my Oreos to Trevor et al, as a thank you for them lending us their extra blanket. I went through a decision-making process: should I have Rockapella sign my T-shirt while I was wearing it or not? Since there wasn't much room on the back of the shirt, I decided to have them just use the table, instead of my, um, front. During the meet and greet, the guys were very friendly, as usual. We took pictures and talked about our respective drives up to the venue. I told Jeff that his solos get longer every time we see them. "Is that a good thing?" he asked. Well, YEAH, it's a good thing! Ang showed Elliott her borrowed Mavica, and we talked with him and Phil for quite awhile. Oh, we talked to Fred, too, about his experience at the San Jose appearance that morning. The guys told us to drive back safely, and we told them that we'd see them on Sunday.

Ang & I got in our car, & Ang frantically looked for a radio station that would have a play-by-play for the basketball game. She finally found one, and as soon as we heard the score, we screamed! The Lakers were ahead by a LOT, and it was the final minutes of the 4th quarter. WOOHOOO!!!! On to Division Semi-Finals!

So there you go: the planets aligned so rare, and the day ended up being absolutely splendid. No end of the world. We were in Xanadu. Kinda. A rural Xanadu. ;)

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