Musings of a Pellapusher


July 18, 2004 Elliott has announced his retirement.  I'm depressed, people.  I cried a little last night already, so I'm just going to be a wreck on that last day.  The last original member of Rockapella is leaving for different horizons.  Elliott has provided many memories for me, most of which are documented in my trip reports.  What I tend to think about, though, about Elliott, is that wonderful smile of his.  The smile of recognition when he sees me, the smile and laughter when he and Kevin have some kind of inside joke going on stage, these will be the little things that I'll miss most.  I'll also miss his rambling.  I absolutely love it when he rambles between songs.  It just gives us more insight into that wonderful mind of his.  I'll also miss talking to him during Meet & Greets, because he is probably the friendliest of all the guys, always willing to talk a little more than the rest.  

I feel a kind of kinship with Elliott, seeing as he's the baritone of the group.  He's pretty much the glue that makes the chord what it actually is, and, being a mezzo, I've sung alto most of the time, making me one of those glue points, too.  In fact, when my friends and I sang "A Change In My Life" for a recital, I sang Elliott's part.  Not only is he the glue in the music, but he plays that role in the group, too, especially being that he was the only original member in recent years.

I'm glad that he's going to keep singing, though, and I look forward to hearing his work.  He is following his heart, and I applaud him for that.  I'd tell him "Don't Do It," but he needs to do this for his own happiness.  I'm just really, really, really going to miss him, especially that lovely smile.  


January 21, 2004's been over a year since anyone's written anything here!  So here goes...if you all have not checked out the new message boards on the official Rockapella site, I suggest you do so.  It's really cool the way it is organized and the way you can personalize your messages.  I'm still thinking of a good avatar.

I saw Rockapella several times since the last posting.  Once I was Pretty Woman, and actually got to sing with the guys!  Check it out on the Saratoga trip report (Carriage House).  I have a few actual reports to post, but wanted to check in over here, just to show you all that the site is still going.  Angela has moved to Texas, so I miss her presence here, but at least we can see each other online! 


September 2, 2002

OK, just so you know, PellaPushers, we haven't forgotten you.  Angela and I have been quite busy, but as you can see, I've recently posted a trip report, and finally changed that snowman on the homepage.  If you don't understand why the new cursor is a flamingo, then I suggest you buy the new CD and find out.  I really like the new "Smilin'" CD.   It's a lot of fun, and very summer-y, as Elliott will attest.  My favorite song changes with each listen, so I can't pick one right now.  Congratulations to my bro and new sis-in-law, who've successfully pushed 2 of their friends, one of whom is going way ga-ga over Rockapella!  Yay!   I'm still working on 2 more trip reports, and hope to be finished by the concerts in October.  Anyway, until then, I have the new CD to enjoy, and I hope you're all pushing it on your fellow humans and the like. :)


October 21, 2001

Well, my goodness....y'all don't hear from us for awhile, and here we are, not even a month apart!  I'm very excited right now.  It's Rockapella week!  I've been e-mailing my friends, making sure that I know what concerts they'll be going to, so that I can look out for them.  Of course, I might be far too distracted, since Rockapella will be there, so I hope nobody is offended by my ignoring them when Rockapella is actually in the room.   4 more days!!!!!  Have I told you that I'm excited?


October 12, 2001

As you can see by the new banner on our main page, our Pellaposse Rockavention is quickly approaching.  Only 13 days until I see Rockapella again.  Rockapella, who? Seriously folks it has been nearly four months since my last Rockapella concert and I'm ready for a whole pella weekend.  How have I been sustaining myself through this serious withdrawal?   Well, I've been watching the DVD, the webcast, and the Devil Baby video. It's been difficult hearing my friend's Rockapella stories and not having any of my own.  *sigh* I'm strong. I can hold out.  


May 30, 2001

OK, so I haven't seen Rockapella live in over 6 weeks.  I don't like this feeling, but that's ok, because I'm a Lakers fan, and we're all pretty much on top of the world right now.  A few weeks ago, I heard people talking on the radio about guys getting chin implants, so that they can have chins like Ah-nold Schwarzenegger.  The things that plastic surgeons think of!  So, I wondered, would any of our fave guys consider this type of face alteration?  I know that you know that they should know that they don't need any changing, but I still wondered.  Ergo the change in the poll this week.  Enjoy!  Go, Lakers, Go!


April 9, 2001

Well, it's Rockapella week, folks.  It also happens to be Holy Week, and I sing for two churches, so you can just imagine how much of my time will be spent away from home.  Yet here I am, writing for this page!  On Tuesday, Ang and I put up posters as part of the Rockapella Fans First effort.  We had fun touring college campuses in Orange County and realizing just how much space we could fill or not fill, especially with the huge posters we were given.  We did finally post all of them, and got home by midnight, thank goodness!   I just hope that at least one person sees each poster and decides to attend one of the concerts for which we were posting.  I am worried because it has rained since then, am afraid that the ink has run, making the concert info illegible.  Oh well, we can't help that.  We also put up more posters in the San Gabriel Valley, on more college campuses yesterday, and it rained again today.  Don't believe that song about it never raining in California, people.   Maybe we'll get a lot of May flowers out of all these April showers, though.  I've also posted a review of Rockapella's concerts on, and encourage y'all to put up some of your own for your city when they get to your town!  Pushing, pushing everywhere! 


March 17, 2001    

A Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all!  Angela told me that I needed to muse a little, so here I am.  I'm really irritated.  I want my video, already!  I haven't even received a message saying that's been sent.  Grrrrowl!  My parents asked me tonight if I saw the Lawrence Welk special on PBS.  Yes, I told them, and I added that I kept yelling at the TV to finish the darn thing so I could watch Rockapella.  I am really happy that our PellaPusher club is up on Yahoo, and that I've found time to do my site updates before the concert on the 23rd in Vegas.  Whoo Hoo!  Vegas!  I've told Angela's mom that I wouldn't mind if Oscar De La Hoya decided to stay with us the night before the big fight.  ;)  Oh, and if any of the Rockapella guys needed to crash in our suite, that's hella fine, too.  This coming week is going to be crazyawesome.   Tomorrow, Angela and I are going to see my other honey Joseph Fiennes in "Enemy at the Gates" and get passes to the new Disneyland's California Adventure, and then Vegas is on Friday!  This might all prove to be way too much excitement for me, but I think I can manage.  You know, I wouldn't mind if I also received my video this week to up the excitement level.  If you're going to the Vegas concert, I hope we get to see you!  If you haven't met us yet, and recognize us, please introduce yourself.  We love meeting fellow Pella Pushers! 




March 10, 2001    

Well I finally watched the PBS concert tonight.  I must say, it was worth the wait.  Sherry came over, with pizza, and Mt. Dew (is there anything more blissful?) and we sat down to watch Rockapella.   Unfortunately, they weren't on twice, or even at 10:00PM.  (Apparently, Lawrence Welk needed that extra hour.) Luckily, Lawrence Welk ended, and Rockapella arrived at 11:00PM.  Sherry and I stood up in my living room, screaming at the TV, clapping and wooing.  It felt as if we had been transported back to the concert. As the concert continued, we recognized our screams. (Our little group, Aura, April, Sherry, and I were the loudest people there!) Sherry and I couldn't get over the fact that we were there, not to mention all our screaming was recorded.   Our excitement was further enhanced by our cameo appearance. We made the DVD! Yes!  Faithfully,  we both pledged our support to KOCE during the concert. Sherry pledged enough to get 2 free tickets to the Key Club Concert. While we pledged, we grooved to the send money interludes the guys did.  The show was completely blissful, and if we could afford the $360.00 pledge level, we would have. We have to save up for Rockapella concerts though.  One of the gifts they were giving away was the coveted Japanese CD single.  Of course it was extremely annoying that the hosts kept saying the songs were in Japanese. Grrr.   We emailed our friends Hank &Sharon, and Laura, excited at seeing people we actually knew on the television.  It felt somewhat surreal, sitting there watching a concert we had been at in December.  The show was over much too soon. Couldn't they have a 3 hour special? *sigh* I can't wait until my VHS finally arrives. Reliving the experience will be bliss.

I do have to wonder, will the VHS be longer? The TV special seemed extremely short, even compared to the CD. Hmmm....something to ponder.

Till next time!


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