Pella Profiles

Meet the Pella Pushers...


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Sherry (pictured on the right) has been a fan of Rockapella since the Carmen San Diego days, & attended her 1st concert in December of 1996.  When she's not listening to Rockapella or at her day job, she sings in her church, attends drumcorps competitions, goes to Disneyland, & drools over Joseph Fiennes.  Oh, & she watches WAY too much TV, especially during basketball season.


Angela (pictured on the left) has been a fan of Rockapella since Sherry brought her to the NARAS benefit at the Ford Theater in October of 1997.  When she's not listening to Rockapella, she teaches, watches Laker basketball, goes to Disneyland, & spends  endless amounts of time on the internet updating this website, and searching for all things Rockapella.  Since she acquired her cable connection, her phone is no longer busy, but her snake Izzy is still missing.



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