Sherry's Rockapella Trip Report

Tuesday, May 2, 2000--Ontario Mills Virgin Megastore

After not really knowing the exact streets, Angela and I finally made it over to Ontario Mills, and parked at Entrance 8. (This entrance number may not interest our readers, but we need to remember this for next time, so there you go). We still had about half an hour before the show, so I went to the restroom. When I found the correct way out of the long corridor, I went to Virgin and heard Rockapella--oh, no! They started early! Apparently, only the store posters had the new time. All the other ads had the later time of 7:00 p.m.

I frantically looked for my friend, Rudy, whom I told to meet me at 7:00 p.m. I didn't want him to miss the whole thing, since it had been a long time since he had seen Rockapella. Rudy finally came in, at the same time that Elliott was looking at me and recognizing me. Angela showed her "cookie bombs" to Rudy; this caught Elliott's eye and he smiled. Barry's mom let Angela stand in front of her, so that Angela could get some good camera angles. Thanks, Mom! Scott informed the audience that the idea for the song, "Blah, Blah, Blah" came from his niece. Cute story. Jeff was really tired, so he didn't do his drum solo. Jeff now has very blond hair, and is sporting a goatee.

The guys were wearing black shirts and white pants, which they proclaimed were NOT sponsored by Banana Republic. Angela finally heard Elliott sing "Kingdom of Shy" live! Rockapella took requests, but wouldn't sing the song "Flat Tire:" Scott joked that Kevin has never heard it. Rudy kept requesting "Let's Get Away," but Elliott had already sung that before Rudy arrived. Yes, I kept telling him that he was too late for that, but Rudy didn't care. Elliott didn't sing it again, by the way.

Angela, thinking that the meet and greet line would go on forever, went on a quest for a silver pen, while Rudy bought his "Rockapella 2" CD. We saw fellow fans Laura, her parents, & her boyfriend Ricky. We all stated that we'd see each other at the Troubador & up at the Nor Cal shows. Then I panicked, as Rudy & I kept letting people get in front of them in the line, and it was moving quickly. I kept saying, "Rudy, WHERE IS SHE?!!!" We were finally last, so Rudy & I went up to the table. I explained to Scott, very worriedly ("Verklempt," as Rudy put it) about Angela's disappearance. Scott sweetly said, "That's ok. We'll wait for her." Rudy announced, "Cookie bomb!" as he passed out the cookies. Barry ended up with 3 bombs, hoping they were all his. He loved his bear wrapping, which was done especially for his (belated) birthday. Jeff signed my "Rockapella" CD for the second time. Elliott put a "2" next to it. Jeff thanked us for the cookies, saying he that he loves them. Elliott asked if we'd be at the Troubadour, where they'd sing the same songs all over again. I said, "Oh, I want you to sing 'Don't Do It!'" He said, "Ok." Kevin thanked us for the cookies, & I again told of Angela's disappearance. I then realized that I had forgotten to get a poster signed, so Kevin grabbed one and had the others sign it. Barry asked me, "How are you?" How nice is that?! I then gave cookie bombs to Fred and Phil, and they were very thankful.

As I was handing something to Rudy, I realized that I was in possession of Angela's copy of Scott's "Flying Faders" CD. I asked Scott to sign it, and he asked for my name. I told him, and advised that the CD should be made out "To Angela." He thanked me for the cookies, and I asked if he liked that kind. "I love all cookies" was his response.

Angela finally came in and I motioned for her to hurry up and get in line, which confused her, because she didn't think it would take such a short time. She did, though, manage to get a signed poster. I then saw the Virgin employees taking a pic with Rockapella, & realized that we needed to take a pic, too. Fred took a pic of the 3 of us with Rockapella. I then announced to the band that we would finally leave them alone.

Rudy decided that I was way "verklempt" and needed food, so we all ate at Panda Express, & had 3 conversations going at once, as we all talked to ourselves. Meanwhile, Scott, Elliott & Kevin walked by. We later saw Scott buying Pokemon cards at a cart, with new suitcase in tow.

Angela and I then said goodbye to Rudy, since he was not parked at Entrance 8. Ang and I went into the Virgin Megastore, & there was Scott with his new suitcase, setting off the store alarm. He said to us, "Hi, girls," & we said "hi" & walked away, marveling at the fact that he greeted us first.

As we got into the car, I realized that I had again forgotten to ask when Rockapella would be on KLOS' Mark & Brian show. So we went back into the store & found Scott waiting for the others. I asked Scott my question, and he said they wouldn't be on the show at all this week. Meanwhile, Kevin & Elliott walked up, said hi, and the 3 guys examined the cool features of Scott's brand new suitcase. I said, "We're going to let you be MEN now," and with that, we finally left.

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