Quite the start for this day: I arrived at Angela's house and she couldn't find her credit card, which she needed for will call, so we panicked and turned over her apartment in our search. Turns out that she left it in Robinsons-May (where we had bought some clothes the night before), so we had to go to the mall and pick it up. On a Saturday. In December. MADHOUSE!!! We decided that I'd just drive around the parking lot, while she went into the mall. It was fun to do a "Chinese Fire Drill" in the middle of the parking lot!

Once we got to the Lobero, I took a picture of Angela in front of the media truck while she tried to contact April. Laura and her sister, Sarah, arrived, all dressed up as well, so we took pictures of each other.   After all, my shoes and purse matched and everything!  I was quite proud of this fact and pointed it out many times.  We had dinnerat a cafe, where the waiter got uptight about our request for separate checks. Angela finally got in touch with April, and she met up with us at the cafe, bringing along her sister, Aura, and their friend Jeremy. Sarah had a craving for candy, so we went looking for a Sweet Factory, which we couldn't find. Instead, we went to Borders and Sarah raided their candy supply, while Angela and I brought some cool little Cafe Espresso mints.

Back at the Lobero, we saw some more of our 'Pella friends: Laura, Wendy, Hank, Sharyn, Donna and Stacey. (Hi, Guys!) Our seats were in Row H. However, when PBS was ready to start taping, the producer asked everyone to fill up the front seats because people were late, so we ended up in the 3rd row! April and company sat behind us, and we all tried to control our excitement, which was mega-difficult to do! (Yes, I said Mega. I'm from So Cal, what do you want?)

The producer asked us to applaud for some views of the audience. The audience was really loud, so we were told to tone it down a little bit. Still difficult, because we were eager to see the guys.

Rockapella came on stage and we went nuts! Kevin was all in leather; Scott was wearing a spiffy vest; Elliott was wearing mustard-colored pants, a black shirt, and "Fisherman's Wharf" type shoes (Angela's term); Barry was clad in a burgandy suit.  Jeff was clothed all in black. They looked great, sounded great, and all was bliss.

Some memorable stuff:

Kevin apologized for being Floridian, due to the whole Presidential election fiasco. He was happy to do the "Pretty Woman" searching thing, because then he could finally see the audience. He talked about some dream he thought he was having, where he was dressed all in leather, sweating, and couldn't see. Turns out his nightmare was reality. Pretty Woman Ilia wore a shirt with the Superman logo, which the guys enjoyed using as a source for the ad-libs. After the official trauma, we learned that "Pretty Woman" would have to be redone, because PBS didn't have permission to use the Superman logo. They did the song over again after the official concert, with a different Pretty Woman, Charlene, who fit the PBS demographic better as well as not having a logo problem. Ilia did put on a Rockapella shirt to cover the logo, but it just wasn't meant to be, I guess. Bummer. The Pretty Women received flowers for their guest appearances, and they guys were VERY apologetic for the mishap.

Scott sang to us! Hank and Sharyn gave him a pin that said, "Blah Blah Blah," which he loved.

Barry was quite nostalgic because he had performed as a student at the Lobero in his younger days, so it was as if he had come full circle.

After the official show, they announced that there would be re-takes due to sound problems. Some people left the theatre, so we ended up moving to the front row! Exciting! the guys told us to try to put ourselves back into the mood that we felt at the start of the concert. (Yeah, like it's REALLY difficult to be excited again about them!) During "Dock of the Bay," the camera collided with the speaker, which was right next to Scott, so they had to do that song again. Too funny to see his frustrated reaction. I finally got to hear "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"!

As if their voices weren't tired enough from the concert and re-takes, Rockapella treated us to some holiday music. Scott told us that he loved Christmas songs as a kid, and used to listen to Andy Williams records all day long. He was very proud to have found the introduction to "Silver Bells" on the sheet music, and to have actually used it on the CD. He wondered why nobody else ever recorded it. (Later that week, I heard my co-workers' Johnny Mathis Christmas CD, which did include the intro, but the song was way too slow and not-Rockapella, so it annoyed me. I'm not biased or anything). The guys were also happy to inform us that they are the only ones that sing the intro to "White Christmas" in the middle of the piece. Such geniuses! I requested "Glow Worm," but Scott informed us that they can't do it. Bummer, because that's my favorite one. They also did their live debut of "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town," which they had done while caroling for KLOS' Mark and Brian the previous day.

Afterward, we took pictures with our fellow 'Pella fans. We then went around to the back of the theatre for a reception with the guys. Gordon was there, so we went up to him and met his friend Steve, who had just attended his first Rockapella concert and enjoyed it, of course. Congrats, Steve!

Since the reception was a stand-up affair, Rockapella individually worked the room. First, we talked to Scott. I had a question about the lyrics to "Glow Worm," and we sang a smidgen of it together! I just about died right there! With my question, he realized that he had "screwed up" the lyrics on the new Christmas CD, so we had a laugh at that. Gordon was kind enough to take our pictures with each guy, and it gave him a chance to talk to them, too. Case in point: Jeff. Jeff loves gadgets, so he and Gordon talked about Gordon's new e-mail Motorola pager thingy. Elliott advised us not to expect too much for tomorrow night's concert, because their voices were very tired. We talked to Barry about his new blond 'do, and I told him that he looked like Billy Idol. He said that he was trying for Sting, so I said, "You know what, Barry? You look like Sting!" gotta keep 'em happy! Kevin was very cool and told us how badly he felt about the whole "Pretty Woman" thing. He said that the logo issue never crossed his mind until PBS told him the problem.

We left after that and I drove home, since Angela drove to the concert. It was fun to have Gordon's Rockapella truck out on the freeway with us for most of the ride home. I kept myself awake by eating Angela's yummy banana bread and also through pure adrenaline. After all, the next day: Great American Music Hall!


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