Key Club--Los Angeles, CA

April 12, 2001

I was running late for sound check because of work and traffic, so Ang and I played cel phone tag. When I arrived, I saw Donna and Stacey outside, and they said that I could just go inside if I was on the list. So I went on in.

MJ was there! Yay! Ang asked if I had heard Scott on my voice mail. I didn't know what she was talking about, because by the time I was paged by my voice mail, I was already there. So to remind me that Scott was on my voice mail, I allowed my cel phone to page me all night. (Silently, of course. Insert vibrating pager joke here, and make sure you use Scott and Sherry in the sentence).

Sound check was cool. Wow, they took "Let's Get Away" at Vivace! It was also interesting to observe Jeff warming up. Barry practiced "16 tons" by singing, "Last night I forgot the words..."

After sound check, we stood in line with our friends Hank, Sharyn and Liz, and met Liz's friend Lisa. Ang's mom Lora, and hubby Jay showed up with Ang's new Rockapella DVD. Oooohh....aaaahhhh. We also met Kevin, who looked very familiar to me. We figured out that I'd probably seen him perform in shows at Disneyland, including the Hunchback show, where he played a Vexillator. As I walked through the line to look for my friends Ferdie and Rob, I found Gordon and Steve, and they both looked very tired. Gordon was irritated because the traffic prevented him from getting to sound check in time, and yesterday he had been told that the entire concert at The Coach House had been cancelled. I'd be irritated, too! My friends didn't arrive by the time the doors opened, so we left their tickets for them with the scary lady (at least she scared me) at will call.

I stood at the front of the stage with MJ, Ang, Donna, Stacey and Colleen. Hank and the others stayed upstairs and had dinner at their table, which had a nice vantage point.

The opening band was named Josie, and was fun, but loud. I want to be a backup singer! I couldn't find Ferdie and Rob anywhere, so I just hoped that they would get there in time and could find me.

Wow! Rockapella was VERY close! During "Let's Get Away," Scott's scat included the words "Coldwater Canyon." Cute! We learned that Kevin was in Key Club in high school. This fact pleased me, because I was in the college version of Key Club--Circle K International, not the grocery store. Elliott sang "Don't Do It" to me! Happiness and joy abound! Scott enjoyed dancing for us, and many times, I gasped and said, "Oh My!" Kevin chose a woman named Ruffelle (?sp) as the Pretty Woman, because she smacked him on his backside. It's the leather, I tell ya.

Before the concert, we had discussed the House Jacks' dropping trou for their audience, and wanted to see Rockapella do the same. As incentive, we decided to wave money at Barry during "60 Minute Man." He totally played up to it, gave some of the money to the guys, and they threw the money back to us at the end of the song. No Pella trou was dropped, though. Kinda good, because I was already hot enough with them being RIGHT THERE.

A couple of girls in back of me sang way too loud while Rockapella sang off mic. Hello, I came to hear Rockapella, not you and your out-of-tune voices! Here's a hint, people: If I turn around and look at you, please STOP SINGING. I wasn't the only one who thought that way, either. I met the gals standing next to me--Amber, Kristie & Beth--and we commiserated on the other girls' singing.

I finally saw Rob and Ferdie after the concert, whom had come in only 3 songs prior to the first encore. We hung out downstairs for a little while before Rockapella did their meet and greet, and Rob and Ferd coined the term "Pella Posse" to describe my Pella fan friends. (They were also integral in the naming of this website).

We went into the very crowded room and talked to Rockapella, introducing them to Rob and Ferdie. I wish it wasn't so dark and crowded, or I would've taken pictures of them meeting each other. Jeff was very sweet and hugged me when he saw me. I told him that we call him "demi-god." Kevin told me that my granola saved him because he needed breakfast this morning. Ferdie told Barry that he's supposed to be a bass, but compared to Barry, Ferdie's only a "B..", not a "B-A-S-S."

Elliott asked me if he had snubbed me earlier.! I introduced him to the guys and they lamented the fact that they didn't get to see him sing to me during "Don't Do It." I told him that I love when he does that. He said, "I just sort of gravitate toward you!" OK, SWOOOOOONNNN!!!

I thanked Scott for leaving a voice mail message for me and told him that I would save it forever and ever and ever and ever! He laughed and said that maybe I could turn it into a soundbyte. What an amazing idea!

Went to Denny's with MJ and Ang afterward, and MJ stayed over at my place. In the morning, MJ and I watched my tape of Rockapella on KTTV from the day before. I was really angry because the news people talked over Rockapella's singing, and the gal was less than appreciative of the music, and more interested in plugging her appearance with celebrities elsewhere that same night. I guess these people had no thought in their minds that Rockapella had a concert the night before, and woke up early for this dang show that didn't even let them really show off their skills, so that people would be encouraged to see the show. UGH. They're getting a letter from me.

All in all, though, great Rockapella week! Scott Leonard's on my voice mail!!! WHOO HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

~Sherry :D

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