The Coach House--San Juan Capistrano

April 11, 2001

Ang and I hurried to get to the venue in time for sound check (we were lucky enough to be invited), but manager Phil informed us that it was cancelled, because the guys were very tired from their flight. Phil said that in order to make it up to us, he would try to arrange a special meet time for us after the show. We talked to Phil for awhile about his weight loss and the demise of the Warner Bros. Studio Stores, which saddened him (the stores, not the weight loss).

Laura and Wendy were already in line when we got there, because they had forgotten that the seats were assigned. Unfortunately, they weren't seated anywhere near us, so we only got to see them before and after the show, and during breaks between acts, but the restroom line was too long for me to visit them as often as I would have liked. Since we had a lot of time, Ang and I went shopping. This was no small feat, because it took us forever to find out how to actually get to the Best Buy that you can see from the freeway. Angela shopped for batteries, and I found no Rockapella DVD there, which irritated me.

Back at the Coach House, we sat with a bunch of Rockapella concert virgins, including Terry, who brought Linda, who wants it on the record that she went to the concert "on faith alone," having never heard the guys at all. It was also Carmie's first concert, who has convinced us that we need to go to a Barenaked Ladies concert sometime. I was VERY excited for these newcomers! They sure were in for a treat. We also met Judy and her girls, Amanda and Megan, who are addicted to Rockapella, and have been to many of the venues for which I've written trip reports. (Hi, all!) The table arrangement had all of us sitting closely together, which enabled us to meet each other. We also realized that Karla was sitting next to us. We had met Karla in Vegas, but she didn't remember us, because she had met so many people that night. She remembers us now, though, when she sees us. Right, Karla? ;) She had a new drawing, this time it was of the UNLV concert.

I ordered the chicken teriyaki for dinner, which was made with way too much garlic, and no sauce poured over it. The Sex On the Beach cocktail helped me get over it, though. OK, so I had 2 of them. (Well, there was that 2 drink minimum, and I didn't drive that night...)

The first act on stage was the Chris Thayer Quartet, a folk group that claimed that they weren't good enough yet to sing without instruments. Cute songs, and I meant to get a CD, but didn't. I said to Ang, "What are those things they're holding that make music?" I was just kidding, of course. I especially liked their song "Granola Girl," because I had made some granola for Rockapella's goody bags.

Between acts, I listened to our friend April's cool voice mail message, which was done in song by April, Aura and her friend singing a cappella. Aura was going to meet up with us later after the M-Pact concert.

April's friends, the So Cal VoCals came on stage, and did a great job. I observed that the guys singing Spiralmouth's Gabe's songs even resembled Gabe in their stage presence. Great pipes, soloists! Unfortunately, they sold out of their CD's, so I didn't get one in time. Well, now there are 2 more CDs to add to my list.

Rockapella came on stage pretty late, claiming that it was past their bed time, especially with the time difference. Barry apologized in advance for any "basso interrupto" that we might hear, due to the salsa he had just eaten. It was quite amusing to hear Elliott squeeze "San Juan Capistrano" into "Let's Get Away." Scott included the word "swallows" into his scat during the same song, which garnered applause. Barry did a little something different during "16 Tons," which made Jeff's eyebrows go up. Kevin told us a great story about a guy in the park who looked like Stone Cold Steve Austin, who recognized Kevin from the In Concert showing on PBS. Jeff made a cute little salute sign to Folger's. Elliott sang part of "Don't Do It" to me, which made me very happy.  Pretty Woman Caroline was very excited to be at her first Rockapella concert, and was worried that she wouldn't fit in the chair, but she fit nicely.

Angela had a nice solo during Carmen, because nobody else in the audience participated when Barry motioned for us to do so. I then chimed in during the next verse, making it only a duet with Angela, because the audience was still oblivious. Scott danced for Angela. We had much better lighting there than at UNLV, because there weren't any harsh spotlights on the guys' faces. The guys commented on the fact that A LOT more people showed up tonight than the first time they were there. Jeff did a really cool woodblock noise during "Zombie Jamboree."

After the concert, Carmie informed us that she now understands our addiction to the guys. She was too shy to let me take a picture of her, though. Phil allowed Ang and me to go upstairs to meet with Rockapella. As each one of the guys came out, they seemed genuinely happy to see us, and greeted us with big hugs. This floored us. Hello! They were also excited about the goody bags that we brought for them, which is our trademark. Barry liked his motorcycle and bear stickers on his bag. We advised Kevin that his stickers were of dollar bills and coins because he had said at the UNLV concert that he likes to gamble in Vegas. I had placed a "Do Not Enter" sticker on Elliott's gift tag, which perplexed him, because he didn't know if he should read the note or not. I said that I was being weird when I put that on, so he said, "So it should be 'Do Enter'? I think I might be reading too much into this." He cracks me up. Jeff hid his goodies in his "secret room."

I mentioned tonight's "16 Tons" to Barry, and he said that he was on autopilot and forgot where he was in the song. He also said that he had never heard Kevin's Stone Cold Steve Austin-guy story before, and it was quite amusing to him.

Elliott talked about his wife Debbie, who is Scottish, and is a textile artist. They met through mutual friends. We also talked about his respect for animals, and was pleased to inform us that he had eaten a free-range cheeseburger recently. Cool! Phil came upstairs and told Elliott that people were downstairs, and teased us about monopolizing him, which we didn't mean to do. Elliott's just great to talk to, you know? Phil informed us that he was just kidding, but Elliott said that he'd go downstairs, and said to us, "Come on down and hang with us!" OK, WOW!

While we were getting ready to go back downstairs, Scott came upstairs to tell us that one of our friends was looking for us. We figured out that it must be Aura, and talked to Scott a little bit before leaving him, since he said that he wouldn't be going back downstairs. While he signed some stuff for us, he told us that he fronted a rock band at Tokyo Disneyland, where he met his wife, who was a dancer at the time, and now works for Disney Special Events. He has an annual pass to Walt Disney World, which got me all excited, because Ang and I have passes to Disneyland. Ang also talked to him about a Japanese a cappella group that he knows as well.

We left Scott to rest, and met Aura downstairs. She explained that she had gotten lost and didn't make it to the concert at all. When she came in, she practically ran into Scott and he asked whom she was looking for, so she said, "Angela and Sherry." He said, "Oh, they're upstairs. Do you want me to go up and get them for you?" OK, I guess Scott is now our messenger-boy. How nice! He also remembered us by name, which tickles me silly.

We took pictures with Elliott and left. I didn't sleep at all on the way home like I was supposed to, because I was way too excited. I mean, hello! What a great night! And tomorrow will be another one!!!


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