Sherry's Rockapella Trip Report

July 13, 2002--The Coach House

San Juan Capistrano, CA

When the 'Pella comes back to Capistrano...well, you've got some fun goin' on! I sang at Mass that night, so I met up with everyone at the venue. At the entrance were Donna, Stacey, and Karla. There were my buddies Angela, Joe and Liz, Hank and Sharyn, sitting at a nice table near the center, on the Rhythm Section side. Vicky, Michael, Brandon & Andrea were closer to the stage, but farther right. They had 4 extra seats, and I was very tempted to sit in theirs, but passed, which I was very happy about later. Laura, Wendy, Bill, and David were at the 2nd row of tables. Vicky and I walked around and looked for our friends Rudy and Amy, but they never showed. Whatever, guys--it's only Barry's last weekend, that's all!

I ordered some sauteed mushrooms, which seemed to be the safest thing for me to order, since I wasn't that hungry. They were OK. I was just happy to be there, although feeling a little bit sad, knowing that this was Barry's last weekend with 'Pella.

The opening group, Sixth Wave, was pretty good. The soprano had an awesome voice, and sung an Imna Sumac (?sp) thing to show off her talents. Their Lambert Hendricks Ross Vocalese was simply amazing. I was happy to finally get to see this group in person, since I'd been getting updates on their concerts for awhile now.

Afterward, we realized that Sixth Wave wasn't going to take the seats that were front row center, so Angela, Hank, and Sharyn moved to the empty seats. Liz and I were too chicken to move, because I had gotten kicked out of the front row in Lancaster.

Rockapella came on stage, wearing the suits that they wore on convention night. Whoo, they looked good! It was hot out, though, and the venue's air conditioning was not working well, so they were sweating pretty much all night, the poor dears.

Barry, as usual since we saw them in Lancaster, commented on our great rhythm. He said that that must be a difference between the coast and the high desert. You know, Lancaster will never live that dang thing down. Before "16 Tons," he commented that he had run out of voice jokes, so he'd just start singing. The waitress was in my way at the very end of that song, and I just about smacked her for not moving when I nicely asked her to do so. She's lucky that I was going to hear that song the next night, or they'd be getting a complaint letter.

Elliot made sure to pronounce the city "San Huan Capistrano," telling us that he had some Spanish in him. Um, yeah, OK, El. He said that 'Pella was on the KTLA the previous night with Mindy Verbano, and I got upset that I missed that. Why were we not notified, Rockapella Central, so that we could tape it and not pay $150.00 for the transcript? El said that they watched the tape and realized that his head was shinier than he thought, because he saw the lights bouncing off his head. He rambled on and on about it, saying "it could go on for hours." Yes, El, that's why we love you!

During the intro to "Long Cool Woman," the "I called for Back Up" choreography cracked up Barry, and he shook his head. He's going to miss these guys.

Kevin started walking around to look for the "Pretty Woman" of the evening, and touched my shoulder, greeting me. He then went over to the other side of the table, and sat down, right next to LIZ! I beamed for her. She was mortified. She tried to hide behind Joe, but Joe loved it all way too much, and Kevin finally convinced her to get on stage with him. WHOO HOOOOOOOO!!! I screamed pretty much the entire time, and we made sure to take pics, because this was the one opportunity where Liz couldn't stop us. I was happy, happy, happy for her, and when she came back to her seat, she informed us that we were in trouble. ;) I don't care, I'm happy! Even though she was clearly mortified up there, she danced the dance with Scott, and knew how to strut her stuff up there. She was great! I'm really glad that we didn't move to those other seats.

Scott said during his Girly Man spiel that he was "left here in my skirt to fend for myself" against Barry's Manliness. It was a sad moment for Scott, because, after singing for 14 years with Barry, he's still just the "blonde girl in a skirt." Barry talked about the watch that Da Boyz gave him, and said that he could use it for scuba diving all the way down to 5,000 feet. He received a standing ovation for "Big Bad John." Actually, he received those all night long.

During Jeff's solo, he rescinded Barry's comment about the audience having great rhythm, because we kinda disrupted him. I sighed when I watched him and Barry, because I'm really going to miss sitting on this side and seeing the 2 of them together.

For "Zombie Jamboree," Kevin used a bottlecap for his eye. He needs a new eyeball.

Throughout the night, one by one, the guys took off their coats, due to the heat. Kevin said toward the end of the evening, "What happens when it gets too hot for our shirts?" We all yelled for them to take their shirts off, but they didn't. Bummer. During the "Keep On Smilin'" vocal drum line, the word of the day was "Sweating."

Barry received lots & lots & lots of applause. LOTS. He was clearly touched.

Afterward, Ang and I had major goodie bags for the guys, and had to keep moving them around to allow for clean-up time. That annoyed me, but there really wasn't much we could do about it. Jeff loved the Fluff & Animal mugs that we provided. I didn't talk to him very much, since I was busy talking to Fred about how dang hot it was in there. He said that it was so hot that "even Scott sweated." I asked if Scott doesn't usually sweat, and he said, "Well, not as much as the others." Ooh, sweaty Scott.

ANYWAY...I talked to El about his flight, and he talked about that adventure a little bit. I'd go into detail if I wasn't writing this 2 months later and forgot.

Angela and I talked to Scott and met his cousin. I think his name was Matthew, and he was currently stationed at Camp Pendleton Marine base. Scott said to me, "You look really nice tonight, all in white." After catching my breath, I told him that I had just come down after church. He said, "You all wear white in your church?" No, Scott, but we were interrupted. That didn't matter to me, because I was too busy sighing over his compliment. :) Angela asked if they'd be wearing their suits the next day, because we'd be outside, and it would be too hot. We talked about the shirt he wore in Utah. He said that maybe he'd just wear a speedo if it was going to be that hot. Then he mentioned a "singlet," and my imagination ran away from me, and I told him to stop talking like that, because "you're married, and I can't think those things." He said, "What? I just said 'speedo'!" I said, "Yeah, see? Now I'm thinking things and picturing you, and..." He laughed. Scott thinks I'm funny when I swoon. :)

We took a couple of pictures with all the guys, realizing that this would most likely be our last chance before Barry leaves, since a couple of them had to leave right after the concert the next day. Phil was very funny about not knowing everyone's camera backward & forward.

Phil loved the Scooby Doo nightlight we gave him, and said that it would go in the guest room. OK!!!

We greeted Barry's mom, and I realized that we wouldn't be seeing her after this weekend either. Sad! No doggie, either!

I talked to Kevin, and thanked him for choosing Liz. He said, "Well, yeah--I've seen her at plenty of concerts before, and she never talks to me at the meet and I decided that I was going to MAKE her talk to me this time!" Kevin, you're a doll. I'll make granola for you anytime.

We talked to Barry after he recorded a little something for Aura's Christmas ornament. He did a little Grinch thing for her. Very cool. He signed the mat of a photo frame for each of us; Angela and Barry on one picture, and Barry and myself on the other. Cute! He said that he'd be hanging around after the show the next day.

So it was time to close the venue, and off we went. I beamed all the way home about Scott, and giggled every time I thought of Liz up there on stage. Happiness abounds.

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