Angela's Rockapella Trip Report

It was a weekend I would never forget.  It started out innocently enough.  I called in sick to work, and after Sherry picked me up we ran by the school and dropped off my lesson plans.   It was then off to the Burbank airport.

Everything was fine and dandy, up until the point I realized I left my Redding ticket at home.  There wasn't enough time to "borrow" the car and retrieve my ticket, but I was beginning to panic.  Images of sold out concert venues, and Sherry laughing at me for forgetting my ticket, leaped into my head. It was at this point that I pulled out my cell phone and called my mom.  I thought Sherry was asleep, and I was trying to be as sneaky as possible. I didn't want her to know I had forgotten my ticket.

Somehow, Sherry overheard me say the word "ticket", and realized she had forgotten hers. I managed to guide my mom enough to get the phone number of the venue.  I then called them, explaining my delimma on their handy answering machine.  I left them my cell phone number and did the only thing I could do. Wait for a response.  At the very least, Sherry and I would have a great weekend in our nation's capital. Sherry and I anxiously boarded the plane.  After we landed, I checked my voice mail again and was greeted with those magic words, yes we have extra tickets. Yay!  Since we had a few hours before the show, Sherry and I pooled around in Sacramento.  We watched the peace officer's memorial dedication.  I've never seen that many law enforcement people in one spot. It was amazing! We then decided to head out on the road. 

First though, lunch at Jack-in-the-Box. Since it was Cinco de Mayo, these guys decided to order green tacos.  Yippee! I'm sorry they don't have green tacos.  Wouldn't that be gross?  The only time I've seen a green taco is when the meat is moldy and well that's a whole other story I'm not going to get into. After lunch, we headed out on the road.

Boring does not begin to describe the drive to Redding.  There was NOTHING to look at.  No scenery, animals, or even road kill. Due to our sugar high at lunch, Sherry and I went slap happy and began making jokes about our scenery.  i was especially proud of my rousing Fat Albert impression. See Saturday morning cartoons do teach you something!

We arrived in Redding at 3pm, & the gate to the fairgrounds was open. We went into the office & asked if we could buy tickets to the concert. YES! I bought our tickets, & we finally relaxed. We went into the restroom, where there was an adjoining diaper changing/nursing room. We thought about taking a nap in there, and hide out while the sound check was going on, but decided to leave. (We are such goody two-shoes!) We saw the animal exhibit and asked if we could look at the animals in the farm, where we saw a sheep, a calf, ducks, ducklings, chickens, & roosters. I then took pictures of the marquee, doesn't sherry make a lovely Vanna White?, where Rockapella was listed above "Auto Racing." Quite a variety this place provides!

We went to the convenience store across the street &  Sherry bought Oreos for people that would be waiting in line with us. We sat on the grass for awhile until we saw Laura & Wendy drive up. Each of the 4 of us sat in front of one of the 4 gates so that we could all claim to be 1st in line. It was fun! Awhile later, 3 people joined us in line--Jenna, Greta, & Trevor. Sherry talked to them the most and I hung out.  Then Gordon showed up--yay! He made it!

When the gates FINALLY opened (I don't know what it is about the weird line situation and the timing of the gate/door openings this week!), people raced to get a good spot on the grass. Apparently, a lot of us had gotten in front of the event organizer's space, so we had to move back. Sorry about that, Donna. We claimed our little spot, and Laura sat with us, showing Sherry and I the many contents of her Mary Poppins Carpet Bag. I wanted to have her pull out the giant lamp, mirror, and the talking umbrella. I'm getting off track here.  We spotted T-shirts being sold, and so we ran up and bought some.

As the stage was a kind of makeshift thing that appeared to be made out of a flatbed truck, we could see the guys' feet in back of the stage before the show started. Sherry, as usual spotted them first.

Anyway, they had a fantastic show, of course. Donna's nephew, Tristan, was celebrating his birthday, and was treated to a rendition of "Happy Birthday" from Rockapella. "Pretty Woman" Lindsay seemed more embarrassed than excited to be chosen.

Afterward, Sherry gave the remainder of her Oreos to Trevor et al, as a thank you for them lending us their extra blanket. I was eager to have Rockapella sign all my wares. During the meet and greet, the guys were very friendly, as usual. We took pictures and talked about our respective drives up to the venue. Elliott, Phil and I had a long talk about my borrowed Mavica camera. Phil seemed most impressed with it. We talked to Fred, too, about his experience at the San Jose appearance that morning. The guys told us to drive back safely, and we told them that we'd see them on Sunday. Wasn't that nice of them? :)

Sherry & I got in our car, & I realized that the Lakers were playing. I wanted to find a radio station that would have the game on.  I didn't think we would get Chick and Stu, so I  frantically looked for a radio station that would have a play-by-play for the basketball game. I finally found one, and as soon as we heard the score, we screamed! The Lakers were ahead by a LOT, and it was the final minutes of the 4th quarter. WOOHOOO!!!! On to Division Semi-Finals!

So there you go: the planets aligned so rare and we didn't even spontaneously combust. What a great day!