Sherry's Rockapella Trip Report

October 27, 2001--Luther Burbank Center for the Performing Arts

Santa Rosa, CA

I took MJ and Monica to the airport, so that they could fly up to San Jose in the morning. I went to my choir rehearsal and couldn't concentrate, partly due to fatigue, partly due to the fact that I was excited about Rockapella stuff. After rehearsal, I shopped and found another top to add to my luggage.

The John Wayne Airport was fairly empty. I went into the restroom to change, and, after leaving one of the stalls, I realized that they had a changing room! It was nice--with a full-length mirror and its own sink, I decided to do my make-up in there. Very cool. Before the flight, one of the passengers was asked to step aside for a random security check. The pilot gave us a little talk about the safety of the airplane. That was reassuring. Since my family, my friends and I were travelling so much this week, I had placed myself in a state of denial about current events, in order to get myself through everything without panicking. We landed 20 minutes early, which would have been cooler if I could just leave, but I needed to wait for my ride. I did enjoy being on the ground, though.

MJ and Ross picked me up and we drove up to Santa Rosa. Ross had business to do on his cel phone, so MJ and I tried to stay quiet, but that didn't last long. Sorry, Ross. We passed a pumpkin patch, and MJ asked about 5 times if we could stop and get a pumpkin. We didn't have time to do that, and grabbed dinner at Togo's instead. It's a good thing, too, because MJ was starting to get cranky from hunger. We met up with Angela and Liz at the venue. Nice, big lobby!

Ang and I were seated stage right, in the front row. Yes, the REAL front row. Phil De Barre, the host of the Human Voice show, announced that he was not the special guest mentioned on our tickets, nor was there an opening act, so we got to se Rockapella right away! Ang and I loved the fact that before the concert, Phil had asked Liz where we were. He saw us from backstage, though. We saw him at the door.

Rockapella started out with "I Am Your Man," which pleased us, because we hadn't seen that opening in a long time. During "That's The Way," I heard a weird "pop" sound, and thought that maybe Jeff had added extra VP. I realized later that it must have been their sound system, because he didn't do those sounds the next night. We were seated on the rhythm section side, so we were treated to many smiles from Jeff and Barry. :)

During "Sixteen Tons," we had a special treat. Since we were so far off-center, the guys' backs were to us. Whoo-Hoo! Pella butts! Barry explained that they were on a "very thrust stage," explaining the shape of the stage. Our minds were in the gutter, as usual, so we didn't actually think innocently of the phrase.

During "Use Me," we got a private Barry and Jeff show. Swoon!!!

Before "Where Would We Be," Kevin asked a little girl what she was going to be for Hallowe'en. She said, "A ninja," and Kevin responded with "Ooh, I LIKE ninja women!" Take note, y'all! Angela pointed out Kevin's shirt to me, indicating that Kevin's shirt had a zipper that opened at the side and went all the way up, so that he could just zip it right off. all right!

After "Dance With Me," all the guys went to the periphery of the stage for a water break. Scott was cute, waiting on the stage while everyone else lagged behind.

Elliott sang to both Angela and Monica during "Don't Do It"--yay! He started laughing during his last verse. Elliott, you're not supposed to drop out of the song when YOU"RE the lead!

We got a nice view of Scott's butt during "Long Cool Woman." Did I mention that we enjoyed our vantage point? :)

Kevin went into the audience to look for the "Pretty Woman" of the evening. A lot of people pointed at each other, indicating whom Kevin should choose. Kevin playfully said, "What is everybody pointing for?" He asked Elliott what the tax rate was. He did that the night before, too! What is up with askiing about the tax rate? Kevin chose Meredith, one of the point-ees. Jeff said, "Kevin's picked 4 blondes in a row. This is our transition color." Ooh, Jeff--watch it! Kevin said that they would now sing "The Point Song." Afterward, Scott watched her walk back to her seat. Yes, he really watched her. Umm, Scott? We're in the middle of a show here! ;)

After "Stand By Me," Scott went into his Girly-man intro. He said that some people in the audience are seeing them for the first time, some a few times, and "a lot more than a few times for some of you" and LOOKED STRAIGHT AT US! We cracked up. He smiled.

During Carmen, I didn't shout out "Carmen San Diego" when Ang did, and explained that Barry didn't point to us. I just didn't want a solo! During "Up On The Roof/Wonderful World," we got a nice view of Mr. Leonard's butt again. Did I mention that I liked our seats?

Phil talked to us afterward, and teased me about looking so laid-back in my seat. I told him that they were great to slouch in.

During the meet and greet, I took pics of fellow fans Bari and Brandy, as well as Laura, Wendy, and Wendy's sister, Kathy. I was excited to see Stacey and Donna, so I talked to them for awhile. (Hey, gals!)

Due to all my socializing, I wasn't able to get my friends' DVD signed completely, because the guys were called to take some pics. Barry heard me whining about it, and signed the DVD to shut me up. Oh, well, I can finish toomorrow, although I was a little disappointed that we didn't get much of a chance to talk to the guys, as Phil said we would. They were hungry, and MJ was tired. Liz was so tired from the long drive up that Jeff came over and put his arm around her. Cute! We did get the chance to advise Elliott that they need a GPS to get around and stop getting lost.

We went back to MJ's place and stayed there. Ross was nice enough to bring out an air cleaner for me for my cat allergy, and MJ kindly gave some antehistamine, so I was ready for a good night's sleep. Well, after talking about 'Pella for awhile.

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