Sherry's Rockapella Trip Report

October 20, 2002

Lobero Theater--Santa Barbara, CA

After all the excitement of the 17th, I slept a lot after work on Friday night. I was so excited still on Friday during the day that I was beaming every time I sat at my desk, because Pella was playing on my CD player. My friends asked me at lunch about my days off and were quite excited for me and my new residence on Cloud 82.

Angela & I baked for our Pella Goodie Bags, which had little ghosts attached, courtesy of Ang and Kleenex. I included a Thank You note for all the guys, including Phil & Fred. I was just so elated that my dream had come true, and couldn't help but show gratitude for their part in it. Angela was so exhausted that she fell asleep as I was writing, but was able to go home eventually & sleep in her own bed. 

We left fairly early for Santa Barbara, in order to avoid any traffic problems, and so that we could get ready for the concert. Of course, this wasn't all smooth sailing.

After checking in, we needed to get some necessities and drove to a drugstore. On the way there, we got into a fender bender. Thankfully, the other driver was in quite a hurry, and agreed to forget about the damage to his car (his was worse than ours), so we didn't deal with any reports. After Ang was able to gather her composure, we made our way to the drugstore.

When we got back to the other, we got our bags out of the car, closed the doors, and lo and behold, there were the car keys. INSIDE the locked car. CRAP! So, we decided to go into the hotel room (thank goodness we had those in hand), and got ready as we waited for AAA to come over and unlock the car. As I started to iron my clothes, I heard Ang call out to me, asking to call housekeeping for a shower curtain & some extra towels. I guess they forgot to put in a new shower curtain! The room was really nice, though, with its comfortable beds, quilts, & complimentary snacks. The bathroom was great, too, supplying cotton balls & cotton swabs along with other amenities.

The housekeeper brought over our requested stuff, then AAA advised that they were downstairs. Ang was able to get everything done, and we were ready to go. Oops, almost. WE were already in the car when I realized that I had left the directions upstairs in the room. I couldn't get out of the car of all the stuff on my lap, so Ang went upstairs for me. On her way down, though, she slid on the Spanish tile stairs (which need to be changed because they're too slippery & dangerous). Poor Ang, I felt helpless because I was stuck in my seat with the car engine running. She was able to get up, though her ankle & back hurt for a long time after that.

We finally got to the Lobero & were happy to meet up with Ang's dad & stepmom (Rockapella virgins!), Hank Sharyn, MJ & Laura, Liz & Joe, and Michael & his friend. Our other friends were inside already.

Our seats were front row center--you did it again, Ang! The concert was a benefit for Camp Heartland, so raffle tickets were available for some grab bags. Too bad the hall wasn't full. I was disappointed with that & wondered about the reason for the poor sales. Was it the marketing, the messed up sales method, or the absence of season subscribers? Well, less competition for us bidders, I guess!

The guys opened the show with "House of the Rising Sun." Ang, Liz, MJ & I were pleased to see that Kevin was wearing the shirt we requested the other night (the navy one with the print). After singing "Moments of You," Scott announced that they had made a new Christmas CD. Someone yelled, "Originals, I hope!" He retorted, "Maybe later we'll be on better ground," annoyed with the nerve of the woman's request. You know, people, they do what they can. You're lucky you're getting anything & I don't want them regretting a California trip, for heaven's sake!

They sang "Here Comes the Sun" (love that George solo) & "Dancin' in the Streets," during which I kept laughing that Kevin was wearing the shirt. El commented on the prices of houses out here on our coast. Yeah, but what a deal--you get land, to! Not just an apartment in a high-rise! I was happy to hear "Let's Get Away" in this hall again, since the song always reminds me of the "in Concert" taping. Scott did a funny *sniff* during a pause in "Use Me." Gotta love him. Kevin sang "Change In My Life," and I was finally not concentrating on the whole shirt request.

After "This Isn't Love," and Folger's, El talked about the old days & his hair style, saying that 17 & 1/2 years ago his hair was long & he looked like he had a "Jew Fro." Yeah, but you were still cute, El! He then sang "No Doubt At All." Throughout the concert, Scott advised us of the World Series scores, a special favor to me which I had asked on Michael's behalf. Thanks, Scott! Go, ANGELS!

During "Long Cool Woman," El tossed his microphone & gave me a huge smile! I think he must have been proud of that move or something. Or maybe I was smiling already. I don't know.

Kevin then walked into the audience, and whom did he choose but our friend Karla! We all went nuts! He sang "My Girl" to her & she was clearly surprised and as happy as I was the other night. When she was being introduced to the guys, Jeff noted the similarity of Karla's hairstyle to Kevin's. Kevin's aid that he picked her for her toe ring, and pretty much sang to her feet. So did the other guys, during "Pretty Woman." Karla did a great job, utilizing her ballroom dance skills to strut her stuff on stage. On her way back to her seat, she gave us High Fives as I just beamed at her, since I was starting to lose my voice from all the screaming.

They then sang "Stand By Me," which had me just grinning from ear to ear as I remembered the other night. I love their rendition of "Summertime Blues," especially during George's "Gimme Some..." Swoon! Jeff had a really long solo during Carmen, which, of course, pleased us quite a bit. Go, Jeff! 

For their encore, they sang "Up On The Roof/Wonderful World." They sang "Don't Know Much About Algebra" and looked/pointed at Karla, the Pretty Woman/Algebra teacher. I kind of went into my head, closed my eyes, and pictured my brother & sister-in-law's first dance (Pella's Wonderful World version was their song), & a happy tear came to my eye. When I opened my eyes just then, there were George & Scott, looking straight at me & smiling. One of these days I'll need to tell them how special that song is to me.

Their last encore was "Dance With Me." Nice to have those butts shaking in our faces! 

George spoke to the audience afterward, especially to thank his girlfriend for attending the concert. Awww...sweet!

The bidding war then began. The brand new "Comfort & Joy" CD went for $275.00. However, the 2nd C&J CD, complete with Kevin's sweat, went for $325.00. The ornaments, which had a Pella member's signature on each, with a recorded greeting went for some good $. Scott's greeting was especially hilarious: "I am for you present," in some wacky accent. Ang won Jeff's, and I won El's. Whoo Hoo!

Scott was a really good auctioneer, encouraging people to increase their bids, and not allowing us to only go up in $1.00 increments. At one point, he had all the guys kiss a bracelet from Tiffany's, to make it even more valuable. By the time it got to him, however, all the guys had kissed it, and he didn't want to kiss the same are on the bracelet. Funny.

After all the bidding was over, the guys sang their second encore. They sang "Shambala," and Kevin sang the wrong lyrics. Oops! I made sure to stand for "The Star-Spangled Banner," since I was sitting in front, and wanted to set an example. They ended with "Keep On Smilin'." Nice that Scott's voice was up for it. Our Pella virgins enjoyed the concert very much, of course!

We then went to the reception backstage, where they had some yummy catered food. I would have preferred the original idea of going to an actual restaurant afterward, though, so that we could sit down & really eat & socialize in a less disorganized environment. Hofstra, this obviously was not. Too bad, since they could have made more $ from me.

We gave the guys their goodie bags, so that they could munch on their plane trips home. George remembered me from the other night, & I apologized for singing too early. He said that it was all right, he figured it out & got us back on track.

We advised Kevin that he should have bid his shirt, because we were all ready to supply him with a replacement. He was surprised, and said that maybe he'd think about it next time. Money for the kids, Kev! Think HARD!

Jeff re-recorded Ang's ornament to custom-make it for her. Very cool. He called her "sexy." El fulfilled my request and sang his mini-solo from "Tempted," but changed the lyrics to "Keep on Pella Pushin'." Too Cool!!! 

A bunch of us went out to eat in the nearby area. We could have sat in the same restaurant as a couple of Pella dudes, but we were too hungry to wait for a table, and didn't want to stand anymore. Instead, we ate pizza outside and Karla talked about her PW experience.

We had breakfast the next morning at the yummy restaurant downstairs, where we met up with Liz & Karla, and said our good-byes. Ah, what a nice drive home along the coast. A beautiful end to a spectacular week!


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