Sherry's Rockapella Trip Report

December 20, 2002--Galaxy Theater, Santa Ana, CA

I was already in Santa Ana with my friend, Linda, so it wasn't a far drive for me this time. I met up with Angela at the venue with all of our Pella friends. I was pleased that Linda could join us, because it was her first Pella concert! I had asked her to open her Christmas gift early, which was a Pella "Smilin" CD, so that she could get it signed by the guys.

Ang had scored us some great seats again, up front by the stage. YAY, ANG! We ordered our usual not-great food and received the usual not-great service.

Tyler Hilton opened the show, and he was aware of the time, so the set didn't go as long as the last time. It's like he's growing up before our very eyes, attaining groupies like the girl that had been to every one of his shows--and no, she's not related to him. He has now acquired a band to back him up. Looks and sounds like his success is progressing. Congrats, Tyler!

Since it was almost Christmas, 'Pella opened their show with "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day." Gorgeous. Then they did "Moments of You" before singing "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer." Like the back-up parts on that. For "Dancin' in the Streets," they were surrounded by crazy lights. Apparently, Kevin forgot what city they were in, because he sang "Right here in Cali..." instead of "Santa Ana."

El talked about their radio conference call that morning. I guess they were in the midst of their press junket for the new, awesome Christams CD. He then sang "No Doubt At All." El then said, "All I want for christmas is a head of hair," then Jeff said, "How else am I going to check MY hair before a show?"

They Sang "Silver Bells," always lovely. Kevin then talked about how he wanted to buy his daughter a "Strawberry Barbie." Whether or not he meant "Strawberry Shortcake," I don't know. He then talked about G-Strings versus H-Strings. The guys just let him ramble on and dig himself deeper into his pit of looniness.

They sang one of their new songs," Love and the Lights," which was really nice. Next was their new standard, "Here Comes the Sun," which had a nice, different ending.

After the Folger's theme, El talked about the group's Secret Santa gift exchange. Apparently, this was George's idea. El mentioned that hte group "used to be all Jews," so they never did anything like that. Now that the group as changed, he's the only Jewish dude. Jeff said, "Come on over to our side."

They then sang "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town." LIke it when El says, "Get the Pictrure?" Cute. (At this point, my notes say "Storing Spit." I cant remember what that means since it's 11 months later as I write this, but thought I'd share that phrase with y'all, because it's weird, and if you were there, maybe you can remind me).

"Long Cool Woman" was sexy as usual, thanks to Scott's rock-star dancing. They sang "My Girl/Pretty Woman" to a gal named Sarah, but didn't have her sing with them when she said that she sang in a choir. Don't know why not, but I was glad, since I was stil on Cloud 82, and wasn't ready to hear another female sing with them at this juncture. My friend Rudy looked at me wistfully, wishing that he had been there when I was the 6th Member.

They then sang "Hold Out for Christmas." I like listening to the audience, to check if they're listening to the lyrics, which are cute and funny.

George entered from behind the curtain, with a green Santa hat, singing, yes, the Grinch song. OH MY GOSH, hello!!!! That was just WAY cool! Rudy went nuts. Angela went nuts. I went nuts. It was a crazy time at our table, as we sat in awe of this man's voice.

When the rest of the guys left the stage during Jeff's VP solo in "Carmen," Kevin ran into the mic stands. Apparently, he went nuts, too.

For their first encore, they sang another song from the new Christmas CD, "Little Mary Snowflake." During "White Christmas," we learned that Scott is an amazing whistler. I mean, AMAZING! that portion on the CD is NOT manufactured, folks! That's some real whistling going on! For "Winter Wonderland," Scott did Ang's favoirtie sexy move, and dragged his mic stand around the stage. Go, Elvis!

When the guys came back for their second encore, they noted that a bunch of gals were screamig outside for Tyler Hilton. Aw, guys, you know that the rest of us are screaming for you!

They sang "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree," during which Kevin kept forgetting the words.

They ended the concert with the oh-so Christmas-y "Zombie Jamobree." Nice to know that they've returned that one to the regular set list. George seems to know the choreography a lot better now, too. :)

Afterward, I introduced the guys to (Pella-virgin-no-more) Linda, whom had a nice conversation with George on how quickly he fit into the group and what it was like for him. The guys talked to Ang about their recent st. Louis trip, and the word "supertramp." I've decided that one of these days, I'm goikng to start a rumour to see how fast it gets from one Pella dude to the rest of them. They do talk about the fans, you know.

Rudy told George that when he sang, he could just see me melting. George said to wait until tomorrow, "when I REALLY melt you!" Bring it ON, BABY!

Our friends waited outside for us while we schmoozed with Pella to get some Thank You hugs for their goodie bags. We debriefed at Denny's, and the security guards from the Galaxy ended up there, too!

Ang and I needed to get home, though, since we were flying up to Vegas and needed to get our acts together. Las Vegas, here we come!


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