Sherry's Rockapella Trip Report

November 21, 2003

Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, CA

Angela flew in from Texas the night before, and stayed at my house. I picked her up at home after work, and we made our way down Santa Ana. As usual, we were early in order to avoid traffic, and made sure to eat dinner before going to the Galaxy, since we're usually unimpressed with the food there.

When we go to the Galaxy, Hank, Sharyn, and Liz were already there. I met Liz's friends, Wayne & Wayne (that's not a typo), whom were seated at the table with my friends Rob, Ferdie, and Jenn (a Pella concert virgin -- WHOO HOO!). I also said hi to Karla, whom was there with her cousin and some former students. Jeff & Wendy were there, too, in front of our table.

Angela and I were sharing a table with 2 guys named Adam & Mark, whom were also Rockapella concert virgins. Adam was very happy when I offered them some of the extra cookies that I had baked for the guys. Adam does vocal percussion for his group, ACapella 101, and he was very eager to see Jeff in a live performance.

The opening act was Ashley Matte, whom did a great job. We could see Pella's feet backstage, due to a short curtain. We also saw a dog's paws. Hmmm.

Rockapella opened with "House of the Rising Sun," and I was just way too excited. The boys were as excited as we were. After "Moments of You," Scott said, "I remember this place now." I guess they couldn't tell until they got on stage. Didn't they have a sound check? During "Here Comes The Sun," I decided that there was too much echo from the sound system. I pretty much kept thinking this throughout the concert.

After "Dancin' in the Streets," El said, "Sorry we're late. The 5th limo didn't show up." Apparently, it had taken 2 hours for them to get for LAX to the theatre, and due to the traffic, they got "the full L.A. experience." that would explain the lack of sound check.

Before singing "A Change In My Life," Kevin looked around at the tables in front of him. He told one kid, "I like ketchup. I used to eat ketchup when I was a kid." He then asked for a big hand for Fred, whom was doing the sound with little prep time. "It's a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants place." Kevin noted that it was Thanksgiving, and couldn't think of any Thanksgiving songs. All he could think of was "10 Little Indians." No, Kevin, not appropriate.

I was happy to hear "Have Faith," since it had been awhile since I'd heard it in concert. Scott even added a "Here we go at the Galaxy" for the "extended mix" of the song. it was, indeed, more rockin' than before. During "Don't Do It," El sang to Sharyn. I love when he sings to one of us!

The Pretty Woman for the evening was Rachel, whom was 5'9" and towering over a couple of the guys because she was wearing shoes that had high heels made of cork. Kevin asked, "Can I wear those?" and then remarked, "At least you know that you would float." Apparently Rachel had been sitting with some friends that wee misbehaving: during his special song for her, he sang," You are with some No Good Girls" and "You've got the shoes, girl."

WHOO HOO! They sang "People Change"! I hadn't heard that in awhile. After that, Scott described Barry as the "most testeroneal grandly wonderful imposing macho man with notes you could only dream about," and followed with, "It's not happening at Tinkerbell Central."

During the encore, the guys started talking about the states to which they've never been. I'm sure glad that California isn't one of them! They then sang "Jenny Come Away"!!! I was totally excited not only because I hadn't heard it live, but also because my friend Jenny is a fan BECAUSE of that song, and she was at her 1st Pella concert! I looked toward her table, but couldn't see her, although I know that she was way excited, too! Oh, wow -- that song is awesome. LOVE IT.

During "Zombie Jamboree," they somehow slipped in the word "Idaho," since that's one of the states to which they'd never gone. "Summertime Blues" was very quick. Ang said that it was as if Jeff was "on speed." Scott added some choreography by flipping his pitch pipe.

Since the guys needed the rehearsal time for the East Coast shows, they sang "Santa Claus is Comin' To Town." Aw, they need to do some Christmas shows out here again.

During "Keep On Smiln'," the magic word for the day was "California."

Afterward, we took some pics of each other, and our Pella virgins raved about the show. Jenny was really excited that they sang "Jenny Come Away," and was mad at herself for not bringing the jewel box to her CD. So she bought another one.

While we were talking, Phil joined us and said, "Hi, Sherry." OHMIGOSH! He remembered my name! The 1st time ever! For those of you who know how bad Phil is with the name thing, this was a HUGE deal. He said that he'd been trying to remember it all night. Aw, sweeet. Too bad he wasn't feeling well.

We got into the Meet and Greet line and said hi to Laura and Wendy. I introduced Jenny to all the guys, to which most of them responded, "Jenny Come Away!" Too cute! Kevin was very happy to receive his granola. He said that they are probably going to go shopping on Melrose the next day. Ooh, new clothes! El had an especially colorful way to describe the traffic, which won't be repeated here. He talked to Jenny for a long time about Israel, because she travels a lot. he even seemed to be giving her a geography lesson by drawing a map.

Jeff smiled at Ang and me and said, "Hey! It's the California Cuties!" SWOOOOONNN!!! He was quite affectionate with us, holding my hand, asking us to touch his faux suede shirt, and touching Ang, too. Ang expressed her happiness with the new shirt. He talked to us for awhile, informing us, "You're not psycho." I asked if he was OK with the time change since he'd been in CA for a day already, and he said that it doesn't affect him much, because he's used to staying up late to work. Somehow the conversation led to real inflatable dolls. He tried to interrupt El & Jenn's conversation, so that he could meet her, then ended up telling other people to "just pass by." Phil started to hurry us up, though, so we moved on.

When we got to George, I pointed to the ring on his left hand, and asked, "George, what's this? When'd you get this? What's goin' on?" He informed us that he got married on August 21st, and we congratulated him. He said, "Ha ha -- I'm married. I snatched her up." Good for you, George!

I told Scott that I bought the Smilin' CD for Jenny because I thought she'd like "Jenny Come Away," and of course, I was right! He even wrote "Jenny Come Away" when he signed her CD liner. Ang told him that she moved to Dallas, and he said, "Do you like the Cowboys?" She wasn't sure if he was referring to the football team or just cowboys in general, since they've got a bunch of them there. They then talked football.

We talked to Fred, who introduced us to Paul, a promoter. He advised me on the types of cookies he likes, as well as the kind Phil likes. noted, Fred. you're getting them custom made! I love that feels comfortable enough to tell me this stuff.

We left when everyone (including the guys) was ready to go, and had our traditional de-briefing at Denny's afterward. Have fun on your shopping spree, guys!

-- Sherry

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