Sherry's Rockapella Trip Report

October 28, 2001--Great American Music Hall

San Francisco, CA

MJ, Liz, Ang and I woke up after one wonderful night of sleep, and MJ treated us to breakfast at a great place called Hobee's. Thanks, MJ! They had this amazing cinnamon tea about which I just could not stop raving. Liz bought some of it for me to take home. Thanks, Liz! We also got some goodies and magazines to keep us busy while in line for the concert.

MJ had a motorcycle safety test to take, so Liz, Ang and I made our way up to San Francisco. We, of course, got lost, but eventually arrived at the right place. We were the first in line! Yay! It's a good thing, too, because we were there hella early. My outfit (remember that top I bought?) made me look like Jeff, so I had to get a pic taken in front of GAMH. We started to count the crazy people who came up to talk to us, but I lost count. Liz was really good at turning people away, since she's used to dealing with that stuff. I would normally have a link here to a pic of Liz looking like the ass-kicker she portrays, but Liz does not pose for pictures. She's beautiful, and looks like she can kick you butt at the same time. Just trust me.

Scott and his son, Rob, and Rob's friend, Ben were the next people in line, and it was nice to have them keep us company. Angela went to Monica's room to have her join us, and when they did, Liz and I took a walk to go to Sephora. We needed to go into the Hilton to ask for directions from Security, but we found it nonetheless. On our walk, we affirmed the fact that the GAMH was in a blecchy neighborhood. The things we do for the guys, I tell ya. Well, the Sephora store was Simply Mahvelous! Three stories--my goodness! I hated leaving the store, because then we went back into the World of Reality. Liz was just happy to have her moisturizer, because the one she bought (because she'd forgotten hers at home) tasted really icky. Yes, Liz knows not to eat the moisturizer, but she accidentally tasted it when she licked her lips. So the gross moisturizer went away, and Sephora was in!

We decided to take a different way back, and saw a shoe store, DSW. Well, HELLO, like we could resist this place, when awesome-looking boots were on display! I thought of buying socks, because my blacks didn’t match, and Liz wanted boots because she brought the wrong ones. They didn’t have the boots that I wanted in my size, so Liz decided not to buy boots either. I offered to buy socks, but apparently, that wasn’t enough to convince Liz.

When we got back, Ang and Monica had left, but Karla was there, saving our place. Thanks, Karla! More people were in line, too, including Wendy, Laura And Kathy. When Phil arrived, he showed off his ability to remember our names, and was impressed by our place in line. He entertained us for awhile. We like Phil.

Monica came back, so we went to her room to get pretty. Ang joined us for, like, a minute before going back to the line. When we walked back, Rockapella was just getting out of their sound check. Scott looked grumpy. None of the other guys did. "Oh, no," I thought to myself, "Scott’s having a Tenor Moment." Or he was just pissed off that he couldn’t watch the World Series that night. Whatever. MJ joined us--she passed her test! Yay! She had directions to the next night’s venue for Elliott. Vicky and Michael also arrived, as well as Donna. We’re complete! Yay!

When the doors opened, we raced and were able to obtain front row center! Whoo Hoo! Ang and I were an arm’s length from the stage. We kept demonstrating this by touching it. Our waitress never took our order. Never. Instead, Angela became our waitress and bought our drinks at the bar. For some reason, my camera wouldn’t work when I tested it, so Ang fixed it by flashing it right in my eyes. Angela constructed a little Folger’s display on our table as a centerpiece. Although we were a little disappointed that there was no opening act, we also knew that this meant that Rockapella would be on stage much earlier than usual for this venue. And, since they love this hall, we’d get lots of ‘Pella tonight.

Rockapella got on stage and they were RIGHT THERE! Scott was happy to be adjusted to the time zone. Yay! He’s not grumpy anymore! Throughout the concert, the guys subtly checked out our Folger’s centerpiece. They also checked out the food going by. None of which the waitress asked us to order. Not that I’m bitter or anything.

During "That’s The Way," Scott inserted the words "Food" and "Pie": "I’ll write across the sky a thousand reasons why you should give me some of that pie," or something like that. Those boys are always hungry.

Barry told us that whenever his kids want something, they say, "Please, oh please, Oh Mighty Daddy." when he sang the words "Step Aside" in "Sixteen Tons," all of the guys stepped aside. That was cool. Usually, it’s only Kevin that looks petrified. During "Use Me," El was laughing when he was in the trio with Kev and Scott. I love watching him have a good time.

Kevin, realizing that there were no children in front, asked, "Do they dress up for Hallowe’en here in San Francisco?" Um, Helloooo, Kevin! This is San Francisco! Duh! He asked which part of town the Great American Music Hall was located. Somebody in the audience shouted out, "The Tenderloin District," which made Kevin’s eyes wide as saucers. Well, now, that explains the strip club down the block! Barry said, "Prostitutes, hookers, and pimps, oh my!" Yeah, Bear, this ain’t Kansas! Kevin sang "Where Would We Be," much of it to the waitress who walked by. He took her hand. She stroked his face. Very well done! She told us later that that never happens to her, so she made the most of it.

The guys had a little bit of a false start for "Dance With Me," and had to begin again. During the Folger’s jingle, Ang held up her Folger’s sample (part of our centerpiece), and Scott motioned for her to give it to him. He then sang while pointing to the sample in his hand. Cool! Elliott sang a verse of "Don’t Do It" to Vicky! Yay!

During the intro to "Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress," Scott shifted the front of his shirt, and we could totally see his belly button. HELLO!!! I said, "" I mean, HELLO! He was RIGHT THERE with the whole belly button thing with the nice abs, and...oh, my. MJ and Ang laughed at me. MJ later told me that El and Kev saw my face, turned to each other, and giggled. OK, embarrassing! I’m glad she told me that when we were already home. Scott got really into his own dancing, and slapped himself in the butt so hard that he ended up on his knees. MJ said that she thinks Kevin enjoys the whole slapping thing too much. Remember the Pretty Woman he chose at The Key Club?

Kevin was tame today when he picked today’s "Pretty Woman," Mackenzie. Too cute. She was wearing the Rockapella T-shirt with a pic of the guys. They commented on their big hair in the picture. Actually, it’s mostly just Kevin’s hair that’s big. Kevin was very hyper, and MJ decided that he was on speed. It’s the thrill of being on stage, that kind of stimulant that’s like no other.

During Scott’s girlie-man bit, he said that we’re all thinking when we look at him, "He’s not a boy. He’s a Birl." When Barry started talking about his life, Angela said, "Tell us." Loudly. I hid my face, mortified, because Barry heard her, and responded, "I will," and launched into his story, prior to singing "Big Bad John."

During Jeff’s VP solo, cameras were clicking away all over the place, including at our table. Jeff stopped in the middle of his solo and posed for Ang and Monica. Cool! El smiled at me during "Up On The Roof/Wonderful World." I’m a happy girl.

Afterward, the guys went to get their microphones, and El’s and Scott’s got switched somehow. During El’s "Pushing" line in "Tempted," Kevin and Barry pushed him, and continued to do so, which made him sing louder at the line, "Wish that it would stop." Scott couldn’t hear himself and tapped on his microphone, asking if we could hear him. El was confused, too, which made more suitable the phrase "What’s going on?"

Everything was back to normal for the second encore. We stood up for the National Anthem. I adore the last few chords of their rendition, especially Scott’s "Brave." For "Keep on Smilin’," Scott gave the pitch, then they got distracted. He gave the pitch again, but it was a different one. What?! El was totally laughing during the "Cupertino" chant, because Kevin and Scott were using international accents.

We got a third encore! I love when they’re not too tired! Scott asked for requests from the audience. The gal with the funny laugh (we enjoyed watching Phil make her laugh when we were in line) requested "Indiana." Cool! I was really happy to hear that one live, since, not having been to a Pella concert in Indiana, I wondered if I ever would. That was fun, although, as MJ pointed out, it’s quite a workout for Jeff.

Someone else requested "Doorman of My Heart." In the middle of the first verse, Scott stopped and said, "Wait. I forgot the words." We all helped him out, so he started over and finished the song, with the audience singing along. More people shouted out song requests, but, tired, Scott whined," Somebody else sing now." Kevin finished up the show with "A Change In My Life."

Afterward, I introduced Vicky individually to the guys, and took their pictures. I finally got the rest of the signatures for my friends’ DVD. I forgot to get an individual pic of myself with Kevin, though...duh, Sherry. Kev commented to Vicky and Michael about them being lovey-dovey during the concert. Someone asked Kevin to sing a snippet of Les Miz, and he gladly obliged. Pretty!

When we greeted Scott, I was having camera problems again. I told Scott that it was because of the wine. And also from being next to Scott. :) I told him that I thought he looked grumpy before the concert, and was happy to see that he was no longer having a Tenor Moment by the time he got on stage. He agreed. I told him that this was my last night to see him on this trip, and that I’d miss them. He said he’d miss me, too. I was, like, "Yeah, right," and he said, "No, really. I’ll miss seeing you in the front row every night." Scott is damn cute.

We were patiently waiting for Jeff, because he was busy talking to an old college friend. She pointed us out to him, and he said, "Another picture? Don’t you have enough of these?" I said, " Of course not! The site, Jeff!" He put his arm around me and said, "I hope I don’t stink." I mocked taking a whiff of his armpits and crinkled my nose, which made Ang totally lose it. I don’t know if Jeff noticed what I did or not.

We talked to Elliott about many things. Angela said that they passed a town named Kermann on their road trip. He said that there is a company called Kermann rugs, which sells really beautiful Arabian rugs, but, he advised, "They’re freaking expensive." I said that maybe we could all call in and get free swatches, just so that he could have a piece. He showed us pics of Eli, his beautiful son. Eli was mad at him that day, and told him so, because he hadn’t come home yet. Well, next time, bring him, so that I don’t feel guilty about seeing his Papa on stage! he was using his palm pilot to try to find someplace to eat dinner. He yelled to the guys, "Mel’s Diner?" and Scott excitedly said, "Yeah!" He said that the other guys like that kind of food more than he did, but at least the place would be open. That reminded me. I asked El, "Elliott, do you remember the other night when you wanted to go to Chili’s because you wanted shrimp?" Yes, he did. I asked, "You eat shrimp?!" He said, "I don’t care about the shrimp." Sorry, for all of you animal rights purists out there.

I advised the gang that we should let the guys go eat. While we were getting ready to leave, Kevin told us that earlier, he and the rest of the guys were trying to stump each other with their knowledge of TV theme songs. He had stumped them with the theme from CHiPs," which I guessed, frighteningly, on the second try. Then he and Monica kept singing more TV tunes until El was ready to go, and we said our good-byes.

MJ and I walked the Streets of San Francisco (how did that theme go?) to get to her car and got some In-N-Out for all of us. Half of that was for nothing, because Ang and Liz went elsewhere to eat and didn’t bother to call us. This irritated me, but I got over it when we started talking about our Rockapella adventures, giggling for the rest of our slumber party.

The next morning, we had almond croissants at MJ’s local coffee house. Liz and I were dropped off at the airport (Bye, MJ!) and she frantically searched for her ID at the ticket counter. She was worried, at first, that she had left it with her ticket on top of a table, but she found it. She was also selected for the random search. Had they not misplaced their metal detector at the gate, it would have taken less time. Our flight home was fine. The pilot talked to us about the security of the cockpit doors before he sat down, and the flight attendants were as hilarious as usual. Liz and I had entire rows to ourselves. I drove Liz back to her car at Ang’s place.

So ends the 4-day ‘Pella Party. I hope I get to see Rockapella and the Pella Posse soon, because I’m in withdrawal already. Thanks for the great time, guys and gals!


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