Sherry's Rockapella Trip Report

March 1, 2003

Admiral Theater in Bremerton, WA

Our flight to Seattle was nice. Wheat Thins! Cool! Seattle itself was very beautiful. We had just missed the storm, so I only had to drive the car in a light shower. We were annoyed that the hotel was charging its guests for parking, but the valet was kind enough to tell us the schedule of the neighborhood parking meters, which was perfectly coordinated with the time we needed to be parked there.

We, of course, had some stuff to purchase before getting ready for the concert. I don't think any Pella trip is actually complete without some kind of shopping run. At first, we walked the wrong way (neither is a Pella trip complete without getting lost), so we pretty much ended up walking about twice as much as was needed.

Our hotel was quite nice, even with the stupid parking situation. They had a wine tasting that evening in the lobby, but we already had plans (duh) and we were given an actual KEY to the room. You know, not a card, but an actual key! The room was small, but we were furnished with a bathrobe (don't know why there was only one) and the bathroom was HUGE and luxurious. Had a phone in it. That's luxury, man. We thought that maybe they had a nice gift basket waiting for us, but a price list was attached. We decided to forgo the basket of goodies, although it all looked yummy! Funny thing was, there was also an honor bar to which we refused the key, so we thought the basket should be free, since we didn't open the fridge. Go figure.

We got all dolled up and drove over to the ferry. Well, actually, we passed the ferry entrance once or twice. The guy at the hotel desk gave us these funky directions and we went nuts trying to figure out the correct way. Ang had never been on a ferry before, so this was quite the adventure for her. The cars were very closely parked together, and I could barely get out of the driver's side of the car. Mind you, I'm not a huge person.

We went to the upper decks to get snacks and stretch our legs. They had tables, couches, benches, lots of seating. After snack time, I wanted to get pictures of the gorgeous view. The Seattle skyline is unique because of the Space Needle, and the sunset was gorgeous. Ang was too freaked out to get right next to the railing for her picture. It was windy, so I can understand her fear. The ferry ride took about an hour, and it was much better than driving all the way around to the island.

Once we arrived in Bremerton & found the theater, I was excited to see Rockapella's name on the marquee, all lit up. The set up was for dinner theater, and we were seated at a nice table for 4. Our table mates, Chris & Sandy, were a joy to sit with, and we told them about our Rockapella addiction. Karla was sitting at a table up in front with her brother and Billie, whom we had met in Vegas. Elizabeth, whom I had met in Saratoga, was also there. She was the one whom thought my PW stint was fixed because it was so much fun. MJ was sitting at another table. I'm just always happy to see MJ, my 1st Pella-friend-that-I-met-while-standing-in-line-for-a-concert. (I need to shorten that title).

The guys appeared on stage, and I was shocked by Scott's hair. Whoa, that's short! I love it! George's hair shocked me, too. Braids! Nice!

They opened with "House of the Rising Sun," and then "Moments of You." the intro to "Here comes the Sun" was a little shaky, but they finally got on track and I was OK. Scott sang "Here Comes the Rain" during one bit. George got some nice applause after his solo.

El commented on the "fantastic underwater theater," referring to the decor. Ang & I were sure that Kev would make some reference to the bare-breasted mermaids painted on the walls, but all of them refrained. El then said that he studied physics in college, and was very excited that they were able to drive over the Tacoma Narrows bridge, because it is a classic study in bridge design. Sandy confirmed that for us. Apparently, this bridge is quite famous among the physics fans. He then drew attention on an a capella group at a table that had traveled from Montana, whom were all wearing Hawaiian-type shirts. "It's a festive a capella night tonight!" He then pointed to his own bald head and warned the other group, "This is what 17 years in the same group will do to you." Jeff rubbed El's head, starting that he was providing moral support. El finally stopped rambling (although I LOVE his rambles) to sing "No Doubt At All."

After "Use Me," Kevin went into some weather talk, before telling a cute daughter story. Apparently, his daughter had asked his wife for something and she didn't like her answer. So she asked Kevin the same thing. He asked his daughter why she asked him the same question that she had already asked her mother. She replied, "I realized I asked the wrong person. YOU'RE the boss." Hmmm...maybe that story was turned around a little bit. :)

They then sang "Where Would We Be." During "Have Faith," Scott sang, "'Cause he's the boss man, baby," to make Kev crack up.

During intermission, I went over to see Karla and met her brother and his friends. When I got back to my seat, Ang wasn't there. In fact, Pella started singing again, and she didn't come back to her seat. I was thinking that maybe she didn't feel well, because she hadn't been feeling well earlier in the day. They opened the second half of the show with "Shambala," then sang about Folger's.

During "Don't do It," El jumped off the stage and sat in a gal's lap, took her hand and made her feel his head. Later I found out that the gal was Angela! She was sitting with MJ's friend in the front row during intermission and didn't get a chance to come back when the lights had already dimmed.

Scott then took off his jacket to reveal this really cool shirt with black & white stripes. The cool-ness is that the left half was a reverse stripe of the right half. I want a shirt like that. He then sang "Long Cool Woman." Dude, I love watching you move, especially with that shirt!

For "My Girl / Pretty Woman," Kevin chose Jessica. It was her 21st birthday, so she felt the need to kiss all the guys. Kev introduced El, saying that he came "straight from the production of Blue Man Group." Kev asked Jessica, "Are you drunk?" she said, "That comes later." Kev got all choked up and said that he would do an interpretive dance in her honor. Yes, folks, it was scaryfunny. I don't know what Kevin and the guys had agreed on singing, but it wasn't "Here in Bremerton." In fact, I don't think they were all singing the same lyric at that point.

They sang "Stand By Me," then Scott talked about Barry, he of the "heaving pectorals of testosteroneal persona," and the story of needing to find a new bass. From the 1st note, they knew that George was the one. They then sang "Summertime Blues," to show off the new groovy side of Pella, in George. They then sang "Carmen," which was quick! Wow!

For their 1st encore they sang "Up On the Roof/Wonderful World" off mic, and "Dance With Me." During the 2nd encore they sang "Zombie." In order to aid Kev in finding his eyeball, George moved some furniture. How very helpful! During "Let's Get Away," Scott's scat ended with "I miss Gary Payton." They also sang "Change In My Life." during "Keep On Smilin'," Scott changed the words and sang "I touch myself" then "You think you've got his butt." He even started the vocal drumline with the words "Jeff Thacher's Butt." It was hilarious. NICE rhythm in the drumline by the way! See what a butt can do?

Afterward, I told Scott that I loved his hair. I didn't get to talk to him much, though, or have him sign my friend's CD, because he had to catch a plane. I told Kevin that "we needed to talk" about them not having many CA dates this calendar year. As if it's his fault. MJ & I talked to George, asking when he was going to do a full solo. He told us. Actually, MJ guessed from his hints and I was so secretive that I didn't even tell Ang until it was actually performed. Yes folks, it was "Papa was a Rolling Stone." He said, "One of these days, you're gonna be shouting, 'Papa! Papa!'" Ang and I talked to Jeff a little bit, too, and I again expressed that they needed to book more CA dates.

We drove the long way around back to Seattle. You know, it took forever until I found a Speed Limit sign. We didn't want to wait for the ferry, and I knew I'd fall asleep if we waited, so we did the scenic drive thing. In the dark. I guess it wasn't THAT scenic, then.

We left Seattle the next morning, just before the next rain hit. Wow--we were blessed with beautiful weather that weekend! For those of you keeping track of the snacks: the flight back? Snackwell's Cookies! Yummy! Oh, and I smiled at the cute co-pilot guy as we walked off the plane. a pilot, go on free trips, go see Rockapella. Maybe I'll work on that. :)


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