Sherry's Rockapella Trip Report


Rockapella with the Boston Pops

Symphony Hall, Boston, MA

Saturday Matinee --May 14, 2005


In the morning, we took a little trip t o the Prudential Center so that I could take pics of Berkelee, and so that Liz could buy a T-shirt from the fire station. We also did some other shopping inside, during which Liz was able to find a top for one of today's shows.

We went back to the hotel to get dressed, but not before I got a picture of our key card & the placard. (I was so obsessive with the whole "matching" thing that I asked people on the elevator about it. They were intrigued and said they'd look at theirs later. I should have gotten their room number to ask them about it later, but didn't want everyone to think that I was psychotic--only my friends need to know that). I looked at the other rooms on our floor & none of them had the same picture as ours, although some pictures were repeated. Just cool. OK, so I'm easily impressed by such things.

We took the shuttle again & walked to Symphony Hall. This time, we were on the orchestra level, front row! In the middle section, even! Our waiter's name was Darren, and he warned me that if I got caught taking pictures while performers were on stage, I'd be asked to stop. So I took some atmosphere pics before & after the show instead. We ordered our drinks & laughed about Karla's name for the restroom attendant, "Sister Mary Lavatory." Leave it to a Catholic School teacher to think up good nun names! We warned Darren not to get in front of us during the second half of the show, because I tend to threaten bodily harm if anyone blocks my view of the 'Pella. MJ & Ross saw us and we chatted for a bit. YAY! MJ & ROSS!!!

Apparently, it's not just the Red Hat ladies from last night that don't know concert etiquette. The people seated behind us had ordered something that consisted of a bunch of stuff that was wrapped individually, probably a cheese plate. Did they open them during the show? Oh, yes. Was it loud? Quite. Do you ever notice that people feel the need to unwrap noisy things when it's inappropriate, like during the quiet songs? This afternoon's "Pastoral" and "Dance of the Hours" was punctuated with the sounds of plastic and cellophane. Liz was so annoyed that she wrote "too much paper!" in my notes. Keith Lockhart was fun to watch. He gave a little smile to the audience to cue us into the "Hello Mudduh, Hello Faddah" part of "Dance of the Hours."

Karla ordered Boston Cream Pie and out came 3 huge pieces for us. We should have shared because it was yummy, but rich. The ladies of our table offered us some wine, but we declined for now, because I was planning on drinking at the evening show.

During "Birdland," I noticed that there were clear sound shells in front of the tympani. I've never seen that before. The lady in back of me was talking during the Paul Simon medley. All of her talking was for naught, because after the piece was over, her companion said, "I couldn't hear what you said, it was too loud." AAAARRRGGGHHH!!! Lady, did you not notice Liz & me look at you to hush up your damn mouth? Goodness! I'm sorry but my $75.00 ticket was NOT to listen to you gab on about whatever you can't wait until intermission to say to your friends.

After the Paul Simon medley, KL acknowledged Fidelity Investments -- hey! Those are the ladies at our table! He also pointed out the ladies in red hats, whom were seated a little farther from us this time (no, not the same ladies from last night).

We looked toward the door where Rockapella had entered, and smiled, because Scott was nodding to us. Awww, he saw us!

They walked onto the stage and they were RIGHT THERE! They sang "Tonight" a cappella, and I got smiles from both George & John. When they demonstrated their percussion & chord, Keith was rubbing his throat while watching Jeff: maybe he was trying to figure out how the throat mics work? I don't know, but he was as fun to watch as the guys, because he was clearly enjoying their performance.

Scott said, "we took a pledge -- we will NEVER sing with instruments" before saying that they agreed to sing with the Boston Pops.

During "Here Comes the Sun," the guys' steps on the stage were noticeably loud as heard from our seats. Well, at least they were all together! Then came "Shambala," which was fun and amazing-like.

Scott then obtained his pitch from the principal viola player, and said, "Mmmm...that's nice." He's so damn cute! They then sang "People Change" and Scott clearly appreciated the Pachelbel Canon ending from the orchestra, saying, "Mmmm..." while the audience applauded. I agree, it was sublime. (I know I used that word before. It's just the perfect word for the event).

For his spiel before "Papa," George didn't mention that his milk was chocolate. Did it not go over well the night before? Anyway, either this is new or I never noticed: he does some cute pantomime during the line "Chasin' women and drinkin'."

During "Dance With Me," Kev shook his butt, but George didn't. Maybe they think that this crowd can only handle one at a time. Heh -- "handle." :)

OK, umm....back to the show.

During "And the Beat goes On," I mouthed the "La dee da di dee / La dee da di dah" part with George, as he smiled at me. That was too fun.

I was told to alert Karla when Scott and the concertmistress did their duet, so I nudged her during that part. It's way pretty. Scott & the concertmistress acknowledged each other afterwards, & I just smiled away, wishing that I was her at that moment.

Scott tried to get the audience involved with the "Do It. Do the Hustle" chant prior to "Rock the Boat." The audience was OK, but not great. Not really the hollerback crowd, I guess. Jeff did a John Travolta "Saturday Night Fever" move or two -- cute!

Karla claims "Up On The Roof / Wonderful World" as her song because of the "Algebra" lyrics. Well, to me, that's my brother & sister-in-law's 1st dance song from their wedding, so I guess we have differing opinions. Whomever's song it is, it's just gorgeous.

I was sad to see them go off the stage, even though we had one more show to go.

"Stars & Stripes Forever," though, brought me out of my depression right away, because it was good & loud. LOVE THAT! Karla thought that the overall sound of the show wasn't good from up front, because the trumpets were loud. You know me, though, with my drum corps fandom: trumpets are SUPPOSED to be loud!

Our table mates were quite impressed by Rockapella, and one of them bought 2 CD's. Yay--new fans!

Afterward, Karla went to buy a CD for someone & Liz & I decided to take a look at the gift shop. I took forever to decide on a beautiful scarf as my one souvenir from Boston, but I don't think that my decision time lasted as long as the line. While in line, we noticed that Rockapella CDs "Smilin;" and "2" were on sale there, which got me all excited.

It turns out that the person whom was the usual cashier was out getting more stuff to stock, and one of the people in line had vouchers, which totally confused the substitute guy, and I grew quite impatient. I had planned to go to the Meet & Greet, but since this line took FOREVER, Karla was already out of the building and searching for us, Rockapella already gone. AUGH! OK, so now I have 2 blank, non-signed pages in my program....but my scarf is gorgeous!

We somehow found Karla & decided that Karla needed my cell phone number. (Liz's phone was off, and I had Karla's number, but she didn't have mine, so she couldn't get in touch with us). We hailed a cab and went back to the hotel.

One more show to go!


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